Pipelines & Storage

Gunvor is making strategic investments in pipeline and storage that give us logistical flexibility to efficiently place different crude grades into various markets, as well as the ability to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. Our approach also enhances partnerships for local refiners and freight owners.

Petroterminal de Panama, S.A.

Gunvor has a 17 percent stake in Petroterminal de Panamá, S.A. (PTP), which is a cooperative venture between the Government of the Republic of Panama and private industry. PTP consists of:

  • Crude oil handling facilities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the Republic of Panama, including 9.2 million barrels of storage capacity and state of the art blending capabilities
  • An oil pipeline that runs 131 kilometers through the Panamanian Isthmus (reversed to now run from the Atlantic Terminal of Chiriqui Grande to the Pacific Terminal of Puerto Armuelles)
  • Energy Generation power plants
  • A General Cargo pier on the Atlantic Coast

In all of its operations, PTP is committed to achieving the highest service standards with a particular emphasis on quality, proven expertise and the environment.

  • Black Sea: The Novorossiysk trans-shipment terminal, a 50/50 joint-venture project between Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port and Gunvor, has a terminal storage capacity of 120,000 m3.
  • TAL Pipeline (Italy, Austria, Germany): To secure supply to the Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt, Gunvor holds a 10% stake in the Transalpine Pipeline (TAL), which connects the Port of Trieste with a number of Central European countries.
  • Nevskaya Pipeline Company (Russia): Gunvor holds a 50% stake in Nevskaya Pipeline Company (NPC), which connects the Baltic Pipeline System-2 (BPS-2) and the crude terminal to sea access.