Moving Energy



Gunvor Group is one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses by turnover, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy and bulk materials from where they are sourced and stored to where they are demanded most.

Since its founding in 2000, Gunvor has established itself as a leading physical trader and marketer of crude oil, refined petroleum products, natural gas and liquefied natural gas, biofuels, power, and carbon emissions.

The company also holds strategic investments in industrial infrastructure—refineries, pipelines, storage and terminals — that generate sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers by complementing core trading activities.

Gunvor possesses:

  • Extensive logistics capabilities
  • Advanced risk management systems
  • Financing for suppliers and customers
  • Global and local market Intelligence

Gunvor undertakes a three-pronged commercial strategy: product diversification, geographical expansion, and investments in midstream and downstream energy assets that enhance optionality with the sourcing and distribution components of trading platforms.

We combine marketing, logistics, financing, risk management and compliance with knowledge and insights derived from sustainable supplier and customer relationships and in-house research and analysis capabilities.

Leveraging this framework enables us to identify and realize arbitrage opportunities in the global commodities marketplace:

  • Geographic: Our relationships and logistical capabilities enable us to source physical commodities and deliver them to locations where they command higher prices.
  • Product-based: Through blending, we create added value products that command returns higher than the sum of their constituent parts.
  • Time-related: Utilizing our storage assets, financial skills and cost controls we create and realize margins on agreed forward prices.

Gunvor has expanded trading volumes year-on-year in line and our strategic investments in midstream and downstream assets.


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