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Gunvor’s Biofuel trading desk is active in the entire supply chain of carbon reduction in the fuel sector, including risk management and logistics.


Transportation, heating, and electricity generation


100% Certified Sustainable



On a global basis, Gunvor sources a variety of feedstocks for the biofuel industry, such as vegetable oil, waste residues, and by-products, and then processes them in our own facilities to produce low CO2-emitting biofuels.

Gunvor operates several blending facilities in Asia, the United States and throughout Europe, where the company prepares biofuels for end consumers across the world.

Further supporting Gunvor’s biodiesel trading are the company’s two biodiesel plants located in Spain. In their production processes, second generation oils are used, i.e., residual oils, mainly from cooking. They therefore contribute to a circular economy model that incorporates residual products into the value chain, reducing the environmental impact that disposal would otherwise entail.

Increased trading in this areas aligns with Gunvor’s strategy to promote cleaner products with greener feedstock components complying with EU climate targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

100% of the feedstock in Gunvor’s biodiesel plants is certified sustainable

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