Moving Energy



Gunvor has invested in logistics and midstream assets that strategically complement its daily trading activity. These assets enable Gunvor to enhance the management of the sourcing and distribution components of the Group’s trading platform, diversify its income streams and strengthen its competitive position.


Gunvor has ready access to a large fleet of more than 100 time-charter vessels and has made strategic investments into vessels as a joint-venture partner with well-established ship owners. Its shipping activities give Gunvor important market data and provide for seamless access to shipping capacity.


Investments in pipeline assets provide us with the logistical flexibility to efficiently place different crude oil grades into various markets, enabling us to quickly take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.


Investments in crude oil, oil products and biofuel plants complement Gunvor’s physical trading activity, with the Group’s two biofuel plants supporting its expansion into energy transition technologies.


Terminals are a highly complementary asset investment for our trading activities. They secure access to physical import and/or export flows and so enhance our trading positions


Investments in storage facilities for crude oil and products are an important logistical aspect of generating value around various arbitrage opportunities relating time, distance and specifications.

As a part of Gunvor’s efforts to support the Energy Transition, the company has committed to improve the environmental impact of its current trading portfolio and to invest in new sustainable commodities and businesses.
Gunvor’s activities along the energy supply chain, and its physical presence throughout the world, provide valuable and detailed insights into the nature of the marketplace locally, regionally and globally. Such information supports the Group’s ability to identify and capture trading opportunities and enhances its profitability.

An important aspect of Gunvor’s logistical resources is Clearlake Shipping, a wholly-owned entity and one of the largest charterers of tanker vessels in the world. Clearlake Shipping operates around a fleet of high-quality tankers, gas carriers and dry-bulk vessels to accommodate our needs and also those of third-party customers.

Integration of these assets allow Gunvor to:

  • Diversify its operations and create additional sources of income
  • Improve access to long-term supply and throughput of key products for trading activities
  • Provide greater control over physical products flows that help to protect against supply risk
  • Benefit from synergies and economies of scale that allow it to capture additional margin along the value chain
  • Obtain greater access to valuable market intelligence (on commodity flows and market participants