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As the commodities industry grows and competition ever increases, all companies look for an edge. At Gunvor, we believe this comes from diversity and inclusivity. Many studies have demonstrated that companies with a diverse decision-making base are more successful and use this advantage to spark innovation and create more ways of sustaining a competitive advantage.

Gunvor aims to ensure our employees reflect the diversity of the global communities in which we operate. We perform activities in more than 20 countries and more than 60 nationalities are represented across our different locations.

We believe that our company benefits from our unique international workforce, and we are constantly looking for ways to expand this diversity. We push forward our vision for conscious inclusion and belonging, and international programs are continuously being studied and implemented at our offices worldwide.

More than 60 nationalities are represented by employees across Gunvor’s locations

Gunvor regularly brings together our colleagues from all over the world to exhange ideas and learn from one another. Collaboration is a central aspect of our work culture.
In 2022, Gunvor held a “Day of Insights & Knowledge” in Morocco for our employees, who heard from outside experts in a number of fields, including ecology and neuroscience.


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