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Insights provide more detail about Gunvor’s staff, activities, and operations around the world, showcasing the depth and diversity of our corporate culture across our trading, shipping, and investments. Learn more about what has made Gunvor the company it is today.

Employee Profile – Ludovic Pallier

Meet Ludovic Pallier, a Gunvor employee for 15 years. He talks about his career and experiences, and tries (unsuccessfully!) to see himself in 5 years’ time. Hi Ludovic, you joined Gunvor in 2008 – what was the company like back then? At the time the company was pretty small – the Geneva workspace had only […]

EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Captain Mani’s first command

As the Category 3 hurricane—with winds up to 115 miles an hour (185 km/h)—bore down on the Motor Tanker Eagle Subaru, Captain Siva Mani Raaj had to make a decision: go out to high seas or go up the Mississippi River to the discharge port at Baton Rouge.  The rapidly strengthening storm, which had been […]


INGOLSTADT, 2018 When next you visit Bavaria, keep an eye out for a heating oil truck rolling across the landscape emblazoned with Gunvor’s logo. It very likely will be driven by a courageous Eritrean refugee named Masebela Tsegay. Masebela, or Mase as his friends and colleagues call him, is undertaking a 3-year apprenticeship in Gunvor’s […]


One of the most common questions that employees get about our company is in reference to the name Gunvor: Where did it come from? Gunvor is actually a feminine name common in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It derives from the Old Norse name Gunnvör meaning “cautious in war” (gunnr or “war” is combined with vor […]


Our first office was in Tallinn, Estonia, where we still have a sizeable operation that is home to Gunvor Services AS (recently renamed from AS Tarcona). The office provides a full suite of capabilities for the Group, including logistics, operations, shipping operations, accounting, compliance, and IT functions. More than 15 years ago, Tallinn was a […]

Thierry Jacot, Global Head of Risk, Switzerland – 1984 Summer Olympics

Los Angeles, United States – Swimming: 200m and 4 x 100m freestyle When I started swimming at 8 years old, it clearly wasn’t planned. It happened naturally. You win a few youngsters’ local competitions, then the Switzerland “French speaking region” championship, then the Swiss championships, then you get more hungry for victory, and so on, […]