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Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt

Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt (GRI) is a 100% owned inland refinery operating in a niche market. Crude oil supply arrives via the TAL pipeline system, a 753-kilometer pipeline connection from the marine shipping terminal in Trieste, Italy.

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Products are shipped from the on-site truck-loading rack and railcar-loading facilities. This enables a stable distribution into the local markets. Light products and middle distillates such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil and jet fuel are sold predominantly in Germany and Austria.

GRI is one of the most energy efficient refineries in Europe. Through a district heating project with the Ingolstadt public utility company, the refinery is making a contribution to supplying the region with environmentally-friendly energy. GRI is also participating in the HyPipe Bavaria/H2-Cluster, a consortium that is building hydrogen infrastructure to supply industrial companies in the region.

Refineries like Gunvor as well as automotive companies will be able to use sustainable hydrogen in the future to decarbonise production processes. The hydrogen could also be applied in other sectors such as trade, transport and heating.


110,000 BARRELS / DAY