Moving Energy



Gunvor Group employs approximately 1,700 people throughout the world, consisting of about 850 experienced professionals in our offices and about 850 specialists in various logistical facilities and assets.

We have more than 20 offices, with new locations opening each year. Since 2018, Gunvor has opened new offices in Turkey, Oman, the UAE, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, among other countries.

We strive to create open and collaborative environments for our employees, and support personal wellness, healthy lifestyles, and teambuilding.

Offices in over 20 locations worldwide

Gunvor has numerous investments, both direct and indirect, in strategically located assets.
These include refineries, crude and oil products terminals, pipelines and storages.

Since physical commodities trading is fairly distant and abstract work, our office aquariums provide a reminder of the environment in which we actually work every day.

These fish tanks reflect Gunvor’s role as an ocean-going company, since we conduct more than 1,800 voyages of dry, wet and LNG/LPG cargo each year.