Moving Energy



Gunvor is very selective and our standards of performance are high. We encourage creativity and independence, and strive to maintain a diverse working environment.

Our more than 20 facilities and operations are run primarily by local management, who provide keen market intelligence and analysis. They are complemented by people with high strategic value.

Gunvor believes in developing individuals who have the professional and interpersonal skills to help drive our continuing success. We offer opportunities for professional and personal development, and enable employees to take ownership of their personal growth and development.

A Focus on the Future

The trading of today and tomorrow is increasingly dependent on analytic skills, including such things as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Ten years ago, it mattered if you could speak English and Chinese. Today, the languages that matter are Python, C-Sharp, and SQL, among others.

We also know that better teams develop better strategies, implement them more successfully, and generate greater confidence among stakeholders. Part of Gunvor’s Talent Strategy is a focus on social, emotional, and advanced cognitive skills.

Gunvor moves physical energy from where it is sourced and stored to where it is demanded most.


Did you know? Estonia