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Managing risk and liquidity is at the core of Gunvor’s business. From the company’s inception, Gunvor has been successful in building long-term relationships in the financial sector and diversifying its banking partnerships. Today, we work with more than 75 leading global financial institutions.

As a growing business with interests throughout the world, Gunvor has always sought to establish local partnerships for its investments, such as establishing an independent revolving credit facility specifically for Asia, and creating borrowing bases in the Middle East and the Americas to finance trading operations in those regions.

Such an approach has benefited our year-on-year profitability and enabled us to increase credit lines even through the global financial crisis. Our culture is one of financial prudence. We maintain a strong liquidity position and our assets are optimally financed.

Managing Volatility

Gunvor performs position monitoring and stress tests for extreme market movements on a daily basis and constantly assesses the size of its physical and hedge book and the associated liquidity.

Gunvor further ensures that adequate liquidity is available to respond to margin calls related to the Group’s paper positions (hedging its physical business). This occurs through a variety of funding solutions that include bilateral funding facilities, syndicated trade finance facilities, and syndicated revolving credit facilities.

Gunvor is in constant dialogue with its global financing partners to adjust available funding facilities to the needs of our business.

As a growing business with interests throughout the world, Gunvor has always sought to establish local partnerships for its investments

Financing Types

Short-term transactional, self-liquidating, and secured credit facilities:

Bilateral transactional credit lines and borrowing base financings to finance daily trade activities and meet its liquidity requirements. Such facilities are self-liquidating and are therefore directly repaid by the financed transaction.

Short-term and long-term unsecured revolving facilities:

Primarily the company’s Asian and European revolving credit facilities, which are used to fund general corporate needs, bridge financing for new investments, as well as certain asset classes.

Secured term debt facilities:

Project finance, acquisition loans and hybrid financing to meet specific long-term financing needs for fixed assets.

Investor Contact

In September 2021, Gunvor Group Ltd issued US $300 million Senior Unsecured RegS Notes, priced at 6.250 percent, with a 5-year tenor and maturity date of 2026. For more information:

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