Moving Energy Safely

Gunvor is committed to the safety and efficiency of information transfer to maintain a stable trading network with our partners. As part of these efforts, the company has implemented Trakk – a tool which will ensure the origin, authenticity, and accuracy of documents. Trakk will generate a clear audit trail of actions performed against each document that all parties can see in real-time.

  • Trakk is a tool to manage operational risk in trade finance, by helping raise alerts and detect fraudulent documents as early as possible.
  • Trakk allows users to register, trace and authenticate digital documents. It ensures that any action that is registered on a document is linked to both the company and the individual authorised to perform the action.
  • Once a document is registered on Trakk, users can add activities that they’ve performed against it such as ‘certified’, ‘financed’ or ‘paid’. This builds a real-time, electronic audit trail against a document, and gives extra visibility on its status.
  • Trakk engineers trust between counterparties, contributing to a safer and more secure trading environment.

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