Moving Energy



Gunvor is a company that works for the people who work within it. We strive to provide an environment where our employees can unlock their creativity through openness, collaboration, and interaction.

This is essential to remaining competitive and relevant, and we are always looking ahead.

Shaping our company’s future, especially in the context of the Energy Transition, requires an exploration of all ideas. Gunvor is a risk management business at heart, so we appreciate that along the way new concepts will be imperfect, or even fail. It takes persistence to carry an idea to become a good business.

Gunvor’s decision-making processes are therefore broad-based. All employees should feel they belong and that their work matters, working daily where respect and honesty thrive among colleagues.

For those who join us, we look to hire people who excel in their respective fields and can bring new thinking to our team. Our goal is to expand and improve our existing businesses, as well as to create new opportunities in trading and investments.

To shape our future, Gunvor invests in employees

Personal Development

Personal development through on the job training and growth programs.


Collaboration across all aspects of our business.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Teamwork and cooperation through events and teambuilding.

Health & Wellness

Gunvor encourages health and wellness through sport and creative endeavors, including family days.

Bringing Employees Together

At least twice annually, summer and winter, each Gunvor office gathers informally. These events provide an opportunity for employees who may not often spend time together to have a chance to meet and catch up. And every few years, we hold an all-company event, like our recent summit in Marrakesh in 2022.

Gunvor’s employees tend to enjoy being outdoors—running, cycling, football, skiing, even alpinism—athletic activity which we encourage. Gunvor sponsors events for employees, individually and as groups, to participate in. 

Family is important to Gunvor’s culture, and we regularly hold events where employees can invite their partners or children to join. These include company picnics, holiday parties for our employees’ children, and sporting events, both to participate in and to spectate.

Gunvor’s offices are designed with an open plan, so desks overlap and common areas, such as kitchens and round table seating, make it easy to gather. This approach facilitates “unintentional collaboration”, whereby ideas are fluid and creativity has a chance to thrive. 


Thierry Jacot, Switzerland
1984 Summer Olympics


Ross Sabberton, Great Britain
2000 Summer Olympics