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Human Rights

Gunvor assigns the highest priority to respecting and promoting Human Rights across all of its activities. The company aims to treat everyone fairly, with respect and dignity, and is committed to respecting all internationally recognized Human Rights. Gunvor recognizes that its activities may positively or adversely impact Human Rights conditions in areas where it operates and is committed to identify and assess those adverse impacts and act towards improvement.

Since 2018, Gunvor has been working to implement the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and has made significant progress in strengthening the company’s processes, white the help of its partner twentyfifty.

Gunvor has now embedded Human Rights in its Code of Conduct, training, vetting, Know Your Counterparts (KYC) and contracting processes, and the company is working on identifying, assessing and remediating adverse impacts at different levels of control in its assets and supply chain. Gunvor continues to make steady progress and remains on track with its defined plan.

2023 Objectives

Continue assessment of our Joint Ventures, covering at least three in 2023

Implement mitigation measures following dedicated assessment on Child Labour risks

Carry out Human Rights impact assessment on our shipping time chartering activity

Develop cartography and methodology on Human Rights assessment of suppliers