Refineries complement Gunvor’s trading function, which can create greater operational efficiency across the supply chain. Gunvor is leveraging its expertise and excellent relationships with crude suppliers to gain access to the types of crude oils processed at its refineries. Gunvor is further investing in its refinery acquisitions. We aim to achieve operational excellence by keeping Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) as priority in all its decisions to build the future on a solid foundation.

Independent Belgian Refinery (IBR)

IBR is located on a 105-hectare site in the north of the port of Antwerp, Belgium. It was originally commissioned in 1968. A major revamp was done in 1982 and the name was changed to BRC. It was purchased by Petroplus in 2006 and by Gunvor in 2012.

Product Supply & Distribution
The location of the refinery provides significant logistical advantages. The flexibility of the installations and the large storage capacity allow IBR to deliver a wide range of both intermediate and finished products (e.g., LPG, Naphtha, gasoline, heating oil (50ppm), VGO, bunker grades) to the local North Western European region and worldwide. Crude oil is delivered with direct access to a jetty and products can be loaded on barges, cargoes and road trucks.

Technical Aspects
The refinery has a crude distillation capacity of 107,500 barrels per day. The Nelson index is 4.5, with a Visbreaker as the only residue conversion unit. It has 210 of its own employees and additional contractors.

Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt (GRI)

GRI is located on a 128-hectare site in Ingolstadt, Germany, approximately 80 kilometers north of Munich. It was originally commissioned in 1963 by ExxonMobil. It was purchased by Petroplus in 2007 and by Gunvor in 2012. The refinery has pacesetting performance in terms of HSE and energy efficiency.

Product Supply & Distribution
GRI is an inland refinery operating in a niche market. Crude oil supply arrives via the TAL pipeline system, a 753 kilometer pipeline connection from the marine shipping terminal in Trieste, Italy. Products are shipped from the on-site truck-loading rack and railcar-loading facilities. This enables a stable distribution into the local markets. Light products and middle distillates such as gasoline, diesel, heating oil and jet fuel are sold predominantly in Germany and Austria

Technical Aspects
The refinery has two crude units with a total capacity of 110,000 barrels per day. The Nelson index is 7.3. It has a fluid catalytic cracker and the capability to produce bitumen. A total of about 500 people work on-site with 320 core employees.

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