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Gunvor offers here in-depth reviews and assessments of the company's various activities and operations around the world. These case studies provide insight into the many approaches Gunvor's teams are undertaking as a part of our global view of risk management and mitgation throughout trading, refining, shipping, and numerous other areas.

ChatGPT Glossary

The glossary on Gunvor’s website is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and serves as an experiment for testing and introducing new ideas and technologies into our work. We understand that for general audiences commodities trading can be at time difficult to understand—often because of its sometimes esoteric and unusual terminology, which is drawn from finance, […]

Sustainability Fundamentals

SwissNéGoce has launched a new education programme: Commodity Sustainability Fundamentals ESG. The 2-day programme encompasses all aspects of sustainability (Environment, Social and Governance – ESG) and has been designed for the whole commodity industry (Oil & Gas, Metals & Minerals and Agricultural/Soft). Background SwissNégoce idenitfied a gap in their training offers: while there were many […]

The Evolution of Compliance Training

From September to the end of each year, Gunvor’s Compliance Team undertakes its annual mandatory employee training and review for all relevant employees. More than 800 individuals participated in the courses in 2021, representing 100% of those who require such training.  While each year, the rhythm of this exercise is the same—four months of updates […]

Supply Chain Management at GPR

By Turnaround Contracting Coordinator in GPR The Netherlands is a highly regulated country where Human Rights infringements are not likely to occur. However, we are always cautious when prequalifying new contractors and vendors, especially from countries other than The Netherlands. For contractors (both domestic and foreign), we always use a prequalification form. We assess the […]

Preparing Remediation after Refinery Shutdown

Gunvor ceased refining operations in Antwerp amidst the COVID-19 crisis and, as mentioned in a previous issue of the report, operated the Antwerp site since then as a tank storage location. The site was fully shutdown on 31 December 2022 and is being prepared for its next life. An important element of the preparation is […]

Compliance with Sanctions

Ensuring adherence to sanction requirements is a crucial pillar of the broader compliance culture of Gunvor. As a significant participant in the global commodities markets, Gunvor takes its sanctions obligations responsibly. Modern sanction restrictive measures are varied in scope and applicability, however, commonly designed to support foreign policy and national security objectives of the implementing […]

Preparation of a Turn Around (TA)

A Turn Around (TA) is a crucial part of the life of a refinery, as the whole plant is shut down and major improvements are installed, setting up the asset for more efficient activities for the next six years. From an HSEC point of view, it presents many opportunities, as the new equipment and improved […]

Working with Academia on Data-driven Communication

A joint research project between the Gunvor Group, Equintel GmbH, and the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne ABOUT EQUINTEL Founded in 2020 in Berlin, Equintel uses Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide ESG assessments. The primary goal is to achieve transparency and objectivity […]

LNG Carbon Accounting

As part of Gunvor’s commitment to understanding and addressing the carbon impact and environmental risks associated with its physical trading activities, the company has been working with CarbonChain to calculate the GHG emissions for its entire LNG trade portfolio for 2020 and 2021. It was critical for this data to cover every stage of the […]