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Ethics refers to a set of principles or values that dictate acceptable behavior or conduct, particularly in moral or professional contexts. In the energy commodities trading sector, ethics play a crucial role in ensuring fair and honest practices are followed by traders, companies, and organizations. Ethical guidelines help promote transparency, integrity, and responsibility, while also safeguarding the interests of stakeholders and the broader community.

To learn more about ethics, the following active websites provide valuable information:

1. Website: “Ethics Unwrapped” by the University of Texas at Austin
This educational website explores various ethical topics, offering interactive videos, case studies, and other resources to help individuals better understand ethics and their significance across various industries.

2. Website: “Business Ethics” by the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University
This website focuses specifically on business ethics and provides insights into ethical challenges faced by companies and individuals in different sectors. It features articles, reports, and case studies that highlight real-world ethical dilemmas and provides guidance on making ethical decisions in a business context.

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