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Viscosity graded bitumen

Viscosity Graded Bitumen

Viscosity graded bitumen is a classification of asphalt based on the viscosity of the asphalt at a specific temperature. The viscosity, which is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow, is an important characteristic that determines the performance of bitumen as a binder in road constructions. The higher the viscosity, the stiffer the asphalt, and the better it can resist rutting under heavy traffic. Conversely, lower viscosity bitumen is more workable and easier to compact.

Viscosity grading of bitumen includes several grades, each specified by a number that represents the viscosity range of the binder at a standard temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. This grading system is particularly useful in ensuring that the asphalt performs adequately in both high-temperature conditions, which could cause softening and flowing, and low-temperature conditions, which could lead to cracking due to brittleness.

Using viscous grading allows for more precise control over the asphalt properties, ensuring that the bitumen used is well-suited for the climatic conditions and traffic patterns of the area where it will be applied. This optimizes both the durability and performance of the pavement.

Viscosity graded bitumen is mostly specified for road construction and is preferred for its ability to provide better resistance to road deformation, especially in areas with extreme temperature variations and heavy traffic loads.

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