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Natural Gas & LNG

Natural Gas & LNG

Integrated Trading Platform for Natural Gas & Power

Gunvor is a leading participant in European and U.S. physical natural gas markets, performing wholesale trading with utilities and industrial customers. To support activities, Gunvor maintains a portfolio of investments, as well as medium- to long-term contracts and partnership, in strategic assets, including in transportation, pipelines, storage, and regasification. Gunvor’s global market reach and advanced analytics enable the company to develop specialized transactions for customers, supported by top-tier risk management and trade finance services. Gunvor’s team also draws on the expertise of the company’s LNG team, and is presently developing power trading to futher complement operations.

The Leading Independent LNG Trader

Gunvor has been trading liquefied natural gas (LNG) since 2010, and has grown over time to become the largest independent LNG trading company in the world. Gunvor prides itself on maintaining an excellent track record of reliability and a strong focus on customers. Gunvor supports the development of new LNG markets by providing reliable and efficient LNG solutions, which include financing, shipping, integrated supply and regasification infrastructure. Gunvor delivered 16 million metric tons of LNG in 2019, and approximately 40% of the company’s portfolio consists of long-term supply contracts with vessel charters extending to 10-years.

Other Trading

Crude Oil

Gunvor is one of the largest crude oil traders in the world. We offtake crude oil from producers.


As Gunvor has expanded globally, we have also broadened our trading portfolio into new commodities.

Clearlake shipping

Clearlake Shipping, a subsidiary of Gunvor Group, is one of the largest charterers of tanker vessels in the world

A Global Business

Gunvor’s activities along the energy supply chain and physical presence throughout the world provide detailed insights into the nature of the marketplace locally, regionally and globally.


Find out more about our latest news. We update this website regularly, however, all news and information is first posted to the company’s Twitter account: @Gunvor