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Gunvor refinery given german national occupational safety & health award

Gunvor Refinery

Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt has been awarded the OHRIS certificate in recognition of the facility’s occupational safety management system from the Bavarian State Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. OHRIS (Occupational Health and Risk Management System) is a tool developed by the Bavarian Labour Inspector together with the industry, in order to improve the health and safety of employees and increase the safety of technical systems.

Local politicians and representatives from the Bavarian Labour Inspector and the BG RCI (Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Raw Materials and Chemical Industry), joined the Ingolstadt refinery’s safety engineers and management at a ceremony in which the District President of Upper Bavaria, Christoph Hillenbrand, endorsed the safety management of the refinery.

“The word ‘safety’ in your company does not exist only on paper, but rather is a living principle applied by the entire staff,” District President Hillenbrand said. “Safety is relevant for all. Everyone is responsible for themselves, as well as for others.”

Mr. Hillenbrand went on to praise the Ingolstadt refinery as a shining example of occupational safety, and expressed his gratitude for the facility’s exceptional quality, recognizing that the refinery’s partners are fully involved.

Refinery Manager Gerhard Fischer, who thanked Mr. Hillenbrand, emphasized that the award was the result of the hard work of all of the refinery’s employees and those of partner firms. Fischer said: “At the end of the day, what matters most is the fact that all of my employees leave the workplace healthy, and return safe and sound to their families. That is how it is now and how it should stay.”

About Gunvor Refinery Ingolstadt

Gunvor’s German entities, which consist of more than 350 employees, comprise of Gunvor Raffinerie Ingolstadt GmbH, and the refinery’s German marketing company, Gunvor Deutschland GmbH. Both companies ensure the supply of fuel, heating oil and other important refined products in south Germany. They also contribute to a competitive environment in the bordering countries of Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. OHRIS was introduced at Gunvor Ingolstadt Refinery in 2002.