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Vacuum Gas Oil

Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) is a type of petroleum derivative that is produced during the vacuum distillation phase of crude oil refining. When crude oil is heated, lighter and more volatile components are distilled off at lower temperatures before heavier oils. The heaviest fractions, which cannot be vaporized at atmospheric pressure without decomposing, are treated in a vacuum distillation column where the pressure is below atmospheric pressure. This process allows these heavy parts to vaporize at lower temperatures and be separated from the residual bottom elements, known as vacuum residue.

The resulting Vacuum Gas Oil is an intermediate product with a relatively high boiling range, typically between 350°C and 550°C (660°F to 1020°F). VGO is primarily used as a feedstock for further processing in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units or hydrocracking units to produce lighter, more valuable products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other high-grade fuels and petrochemicals.

VGO’s composition and quality can vary depending on the characteristics of the crude oil from which it is derived and the specific conditions within the vacuum distillation unit. It generally consists of complex hydrocarbon chains and may contain sulfur, nitrogen, and metallic compounds that need further processing and treatment to produce end-user products.

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