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Gunvor Belgian Refinery Hiring

Gunvor Group CEO Torbjörn Törnqvist this week visited the company’s recently acquired refinery, Independent Belgian Refinery NV (IBR), to meet with management and staff and discuss continuing integration with Gunvor’s operations. IBR, a former Petroplus asset, is now 100%-owned by Gunvor.

Through the May purchase, Gunvor retained all 200-plus IBR employees; however, the Antwerp refinery is currently looking to hire new staff to support its operations, which are fully up and running. IBR had temporarily closed in January as a result of Petroplus’ financial situation. For job inquiries, visit IBR’s website.

Gunvor is investing the required capital expenditure to maintain and improve IBR’s current safety, operational and environmental standards. IBR has a processing capability of more than 100,000 barrels of oil per day, and storage capacity of more than 1.2 million cubic metres.

Gunvor’s acquisition of IBR, along with the pending purchase of Petroplus’ Bavaria refinery, is a part of Gunvor’s strategy to diversify from being a pure trading operation. Gunvor is a market leader in trade, transportation, storage and optimization of crude oil, petroleum products and other energy products.