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Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Delfin LNG and Gunvor sign long-term LNG liquefaction offtake agreement indexed to JKM

OKLAHOMA CITY – Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: CHK, together with certain of its subsidiaries, collectively, “Chesapeake”), Delfin LNG LLC (“Delfin”) and Gunvor Group Ltd, through Gunvor Singapore Pte Ltd (“Gunvor”), today announced the entrance into a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export deal that includes executed Sales and Purchase Agreements (“SPA”) for long-term liquefaction offtake. Under […]

Gunvor Nigeria Limited

Please be apprised that Gunvor Nigeria Limited is the only legitimate business entity associated with Gunvor Group registered in Nigeria. “Gunvor Trading Company Ltd“, “Gunvor Oil and Gas Limited“, and “Gunvor Energies Ltd” are not associated in any way with or represent the interests of Gunvor Group. All possible legal means are being taken to […]

Industry-Leading Compliance

Learn about Gunvor’s robust compliance function and how we manage trading risk through advanced systems, strict policies and education.

Gunvor closes new EUR 400 million facility backed by Italy’s SACE

Gunvor Group has closed a EUR 400 million, 5-year term loan guaranteed by SACE, the Italian Export Credit Agency with UniCredit acting as Global Coordinator. The goal of the Facility is to support Italian industry by securing natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies while promoting the export of Italy’s goods and services.

Gunvor partners with ClearShift on zero carbon diesel and chemicals

HOUSTON – As part of its strategy to accelerate the energy transition, Gunvor USA LLC (Gunvor), part of the Gunvor Group and one of the world’s largest independent commodities trading houses, has executed a feedstock supply and product offtake Letter of Intent with Dallas-based ClearShift LLC (ClearShift), a leader in the development of gas-to-liquids technology […]

Gunvor RE (Insurance) Pte Limited

Gunvor RE (Insurance) Pte Limited (“the Company”) is incorporated in Singapore with its principal place of business and registered office at: Address12 Marina Boulevard 35-03Marina Bay Financial Centre Singapore 018982 Registration Number202347151R [email protected] The principal activities of the Company are those of a captive insurer licensed under the Insurance Act 1966. The Company may underwrite […] Read More

Delfin Midstream Signs Long-Term LNG Supply Agreement with Gunvor

HOUSTON — Delfin Midstream Inc. (“Delfin” or the “Company”) and Gunvor Group Ltd announced today that Gunvor Singapore Pte Ltd (“Gunvor”) has entered into long-term LNG Sale and Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with Delfin LNG LLC (“Delfin LNG”), a subsidiary of Delfin. Under the SPA, Delfin LNG will supply between 0.5 to 1.0 million tonnes of […]

Employee Profile – Ludovic Pallier

Meet Ludovic Pallier, a Gunvor employee for 15 years. He talks about his career and experiences, and tries (unsuccessfully!) to see himself in 5 years’ time. Hi Ludovic, you joined Gunvor in 2008 – what was the company like back then? At the time the company was pretty small – the Geneva workspace had only […] Read More

Gunvor secures US $1.885 billion sustainability-linked, multi-currency revolving credit facility

GENEVA (21 November 2023) – Gunvor Group Ltd (“Gunvor” or the “Group”) has signed a US $1.885 billion sustainability-linked, multi-currency revolving credit facility (“RCF” or “Facility”) in favour of Gunvor International B.V. and Gunvor SA. The Facility received strong support from Gunvor’s banking partners and attracted new banks, increasing the total amount of the facility […]

Graduate Program

Gunvor Group, a leading global physical energy commodities trader, hosts a Global Graduate Program for university students who aim to be a part of the future of the international commodities trading industry.  Ours is a fast-paced, ever-evolving profession that plays a critical role in supporting the Energy Transition as the world reconciles affordable energy and […] Read More

ChatGPT Glossary

The glossary on Gunvor’s website is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and serves as an experiment for testing and introducing new ideas and technologies into our work. We understand that for general audiences commodities trading can be at time difficult to understand—often because of its sometimes esoteric and unusual terminology, which is drawn from finance, […] Read More

Gunvor Group and Solvang form JV to own and operate 5 next generation Panamax VLGCs

5 October 2023 Newbuildings will be carbon capture ready GENEVA (5 October 2023) – Gunvor Group Ltd (“Gunvor”) and Solvang ASA (“Solvang”) have formed a Joint Venture (“JV”) to own and operate next generation eco-vessels for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) market. The JV has placed an order for five VLGC newbuilds from Hyundai Heavy […]

Waste residues

**Waste Residues** Waste residues refer to the remaining substances that are left over after a primary manufacturing or consumption process. In the context of energy commodities, these residues often comprise organic materials like agricultural byproducts, forestry trimmings, or industrial biproducts such as scrap wood, sawdust, or peels, which can be converted into a source of […] Read More

Viscosity graded bitumen

Viscosity Graded Bitumen Viscosity graded bitumen is a classification of asphalt based on the viscosity of the asphalt at a specific temperature. The viscosity, which is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow, is an important characteristic that determines the performance of bitumen as a binder in road constructions. The higher the viscosity, the […] Read More

Vacuum Gas Oil

Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO) is a type of intermediate feedstock derived from crude oil refining. It is produced during the vacuum distillation process, which occurs after the initial atmospheric distillation of crude oil. During this stage, heavier oils left over from the initial distillation are further separated under high vacuum conditions at low temperatures. VGO […] Read More